RunRagged is an essential part of any marketing or PR strategy involving the use of talent. Endorsements to event guest lists, product seeding to social media campaigns , we fit the right faces, for the right fee to the right brand.

Why use us?

The world of celebrity is a mine field and there are many pitfalls. Never underestimate the use of experts in this field. With over 35 years experience from producing talent for live TV shows, through to managing VIP areas at some of the UK’s top Festivals and events, RunRagged can guide you through the process, making sure you get the right person for the job in hand, with no hidden surprises or unexpected fees.

We have worked with celebrities across every genre, both internationally and at home, A listers through to micro influencers, giving us personal knowledge and experience that is invaluable on all levels. We make sure the process runs smoothly and all the brand objectives are met above and beyond. We can crisis manage in an emergency and can find ways to make things happen that would otherwise have been a closed door


We are extremely proud of our reputation amongst both clients and the celebrities we work with and ultimately know that we save our clients time, stress and money. The fact we are still working with the same network of brands and PR agencies 8 years down the line is testament to the service we deliver.

Meet the team... 

Simon Addy

Most likely to be found: At every given opportunity at the top of a mountain on my bike

Desert Island item would be: My kids

Mastermind specialist subject: Useless information

Emma Usher

Company Director

Most likely to be found: In a stable 
Desert Island item would be: A dog but don't tell my cat!

Mastermind specialist subject: Celebrities.

Company Director

Most likely to be found: In Starbucks. Spending a good 50% of my wages on coffee.

Desert Island item would be: Katniss Everdeen

Mastermind specialist subject: 00's r&b

Most likely to be found: In Nando’s.

Desert Island item would be: Lipbalm.

Mastermind specialist subject: Game of Thrones.

Talent Booker

Talent Booker

Talent Booker

Olivia Eley

Micaela Kelly

VIP Assistant

Most likely to be found: Listening to country music with my headphones in while equally splitting my income between food, wine and a gym membership I don’t use – but better it’s there.  

Desert Island item would be: A brownie tree that flowers all year round. 

Mastermind specialist subject: Other Films I Recognise the Actor in this Film From– no one’s allowed to google it and I won’t relax until I remember.

Holly Vincent