The Walking Dead Art Apocalypse:

Immersive Art Exhibition!

07 February 2019



In anticipation of The Walking Dead's ninth series' return to FOX this February, a new breed of immersive art gallery came to London, bringing to life the eight-year legacy of one of the most popular shows of all time! 

Packed with terrifying displays and creepy set replicas, this exhibition wasn't for the faint-hearted! Our guests bravely fought off live 'Walkers' with the show's famous baseball bat, 'Lucille' and came face-to-face with the gruesome heads in the chilling 'Governor's Office.'


Award-winning fan art and Daryl's motorbike also featured at this thrilling exhibition with Special FX make-up artists also on hand to give visitors a gory 'make-under'. Of course, a couple of unexpected surprises were thrown in to complete the zombie-infested evening.

We're relieved to say that all of our guests managed to survive the apocalypse on this occasion, but watch out for any bites!


Big thanks to: Ashley James, Neil Jones, Laura Crane, Tristan Phipps, Paul Knops, Eyal Booker, Victoria Brown, Christian Vit, Damien O'Brien, Fae Williams, Dan Crowe, Vanessa Bauer, Marcel Somerville, Olivia Cox, Victoria Clay, Jack Walton and Dev Griffin for coming along!