Did you know that for every one pint, bottle or can sold, Stella Artois, with the help of Water.org, will provide the equivalent of one month of clean water for one person in the developing world in a bid to help the Global Water Crisis?

It’s no secret that in some parts of the world there’s little access to WATER, something we here in the UK very much take for granted. “The Wait for Water” is a new digital video by Stella Artois and Water.org and highlights the reactions of unsuspecting people in the UK and around the world, when they are told that water won’t be available for them for up to six hours – the amount of time on average women in the developing world spend collecting water EACH DAY!

Stella Artois and Water.org (Hollywood actor Matt Damon’s charity) are challenging people to imagine their everyday lives without access to clean drinking water and have asked well known faces to share the video to raise awareness, demonstrating the current impact of the Global Water Crisis.

Big thanks to the likes of Jeff Bridges, Will Poulter, Chris Packham, Olivia Cox, Henry Holland, Arielle Free and many more for posting.

Check out the campaign video here:



05 February 2018