30 January 2018

Squash isn’t just for kids anymore as everyone’s favourite juice brand Robinsons have created a brand-new ADULT squash meaning we can now enjoy tasty drinks minus the hangover!

To celebrate the launch our guests were “Cordially Invited” to a drinking experience in the heart of London to try out the new, sophisticated flavours…think Zesty Orange & Mango, Crisp Elderflower & Pressed Apple and Crushed Lime & Mint.

To help the adults truly understand how to best drink Robinsons some very special, well informed pint-sized squash sommeliers were called in (no one knows squash better than children!) to show the grownups how it’s done – creating mocktails and testing the adults taste buds in a sensory experiment!

Thanks to Mollie King, Tiffany Watson, Denise Van Outen, Zoe Hardman, Olivia Cox, Jourdan Riane, Felicity Hayward, Daisy Robins and Barney Banks for joining us and trying out the new range!