Everyone loves a sausage, right?! And as it turns out the nation’s three most loved sausage dishes are Sausage & Mash, Toad in the Hole and Sausage & Chips…

Richmond is moving into the realms of chicken sausages for the first time ever, sporting the same delicious home-cooked taste of its existing sausage range but made with lean chicken, it’s a tasty and healthier way to enjoy sausages.

To inspire and educate consumers about Richmond’s new Chicken Sausages we were tasked with booking a credible celebrity face whom is known for their cooking skills whilst resonating with families and mums – which is exactly why we chose TV presenter and Celebrity Master Chef 2017 winner Angellica Bell.

Angellica worked in partnership with Richmond to add a brand-new spin on the three Nation’s Favourite recipes, presenting these ideas live to a room full of mummy blogger influencers to showcase that the recipes were easy, flavoursome options for the whole family to enjoy.

Angellica took part in a day of social filming, creating 6 bespoke videos to appear on social media channels to encourage families to add chicken sausages into their weekly shop.


10 May 2018