Sadly all time British favourite Heinz Salad Cream has seen a decline in sales in recent years as we experience growth in other sauces & condiments and eating habits change…

To remind loyal consumers of the amazing taste of Heinz Salad Cream we were tasked with finding the perfect person to help revive the love and help show consumers the best ways to enjoy it and what to eat it with - someone who would have enjoyed HSC back in it’s hey-day, who had nostalgic memories of the food in the 70’s and stories to share.

Linda Robson took part in a day of social filming, with three videos created for three different, tasty recipes to best enjoy Heinz Salad Cream – Salmon & Rocket Tarts, Chicken Goujons & Potato Wedges and a simple Tuna & Sweetcorn Jacket Potato. She took part in interviews with Saturday Express Magazine and Express Online, Woman Magazine and My Weekly Magazine as well as posting on her Instagram account.


28 July 2018