20 September 2018


“The One with the Celebrities gathering in a park”

You don’t know, that we know, that you know we are big Friends fans in the RunRagged office and Oh…My…God…what fun we had working on another successful year of touring…

Friends is still one of the most loved and most watched TV shows and this year ‘Comedy Central UK’s FRIENDSFEST’ came back with a bing, sorry, I mean BANG, for all mega fans to enjoy – with brand new sets to explore!

We headed to 15 Yemen Road, Yemen…only joking, we actually headed across the UK, from Victoria Park in Glasgow to Kennington Park in London to celebrate all things Friends. We popped in to have meat trifle at Monica’s, coffee in Central Perk, played foosball at Chandler and Joey’s place and this year we were able to visit a brand new full scale set of Ross’s apartment (formerly home to Ugly Naked Guy) and recreated the iconic PIVOT! scene – voted the Nation’s favourite Friends moment.

With drinks flowing and all the memorabilia on show it didn’t take UNAGI to know that all our guests had a bamboozling evening. Thanks to super fans Lottie Moss, Lucy Fallon, Tina O’Brien, Jamie Lomas, Chloe Meadows, Stefanie Moir and more for joining us.

Until next year!... uh oh, here come the meat sweats, WHOOOPAH!