11 June 2018

The growing environmental problem of marine plastic pollution is a popular topic of conversation right now with our oceans slowly turning into pools of rubbish and hundreds of beaches around the world seemingly invaded by plastic. 


Last month Corona took this issue to the global stage by hijacking iconic symbols of paradise for World Oceans Day (Friday 8th June).

To raise awareness, the brand inserted plastic into places it doesn’t belong, creating a HUGE Sculpture in Old Street, London - ‘The Wave of Waste’.

The total weight of the wave was 1,200kg of plastic – representing the amount of marine plastic pollution found on the beach every two miles in the UK!

To spread the message and to amplify the ‘Wave of Waste’, 3 Monkeys Zeno ran both a traditional and social media campaign, tasking us with finding environmentally conscious influencers that work for both outlets and ultimately encouraging the public to come down and bring their own waste!

Traditional Media Campaign

Signing up environmental activist and adventurer, Ben Fogle to speak to national and broadcast media was a no-brainer. He is somebody who has supported similar topics in the past and someone who we felt was the perfect person to eloquently articulate the delicate issues of this subject. 


Ben helped lock in a whole load of coverage, securing interviews with broadcasters such as Sky and ITV and journals including Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Star and many more.  


Corona and Parley for the Oceans also introduced a Hawaiian shirt that not only weaves marine plastic pollution into the design, but also the thread of the shirt itself. Ben wore the shirt for all broadcast interviews and shared photos of him wearing it encouraging his followers to buy it at their store at for £53 (with all proceeds from each shirt going to Parley for the Oceans to help support its mission to protect our oceans).