29 August 2019


We were thrilled to be asked to work on the ultimate immersive horror experience based on the highly anticipated film IT CHAPTER TWO, directed by Andy Muschietti and featuring an awesome cast including James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader.


We dared thrill seeking celebrities  Laura Anderson, Courtney Green, Ella Henderson, Jax Jones, Shelby Tribble, Sam Mucklow, Kat Shoob, Olivia Cox, Damien O’Brien, Nush Cope, Katie Leung, Leigh Francis and Gizzi Erskine to go down into the vaults of The Losers Club and conquer their deepest fears in a vast underground maze of disused railway tunnels, that had been transformed into terrifying scenes from the film, with a highly interactive adventure.


The experience combined NINE themed areas that threw them into the chilling world of Pennywise the clown and the dark underbelly of Derry!


We allowed them to have a drink and pluck up their courage at the FUNFAIR with games and amazing photo ops too, before & after their experience.


This one was not for the faint hearted! Some of them couldn’t get enough and also attended the premiere of the film the following week!


The event and premiere generated great press pick up including the Mail Online and organic social posts gained a reach of over 5.8 million.