A national poll by FRONTLINE® Plus revealed that we are a nation of pet lovers, yet we lack understanding when it comes to the hidden life of fleas and their eggs. For example – did you know that a single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, which fall off our pets and into our homes, causing infestations? Don’t worry if you didn’t as 95% of us are unaware!


To raise awareness of the issues surrounding flea egg infestation in the home FRONTLINE® created a plus-sized dog (we’re talking a BIG King Charles Cavalier) to travel the country visiting Pets at Home and Boots stores across the UK over the Easter weekend as part of the #TakeACloserLook campaign.


Of course in order to prompt pet owners to ensure both their pets and their homes are protected from fleas and flea eggs we needed to call in an expert to make sense of it all. Our friends at 3MZ tasked us with finding a well-loved, well known vet to piece it all together – calling Marc Abraham!


Marc took part in a central London shoot with Rosie the cavalier, attended the annual Crufts show taking part in a live Q&A session, took part in a radio morning, spoke with media, commented on the findings and posted across social media platforms to get the message spread loud and clear.

FRONTLINE Plus Campaign

10 March 2018