After a whole month of allowing ourselves to binge on our favourite chocolate, wine and mince pies the New Year suddenly springs upon us and we all want to kick start our health again, you know the drill – New Year, New Me – BUT did you know that January 20th is the day we are most likely to break our resolutions – only 20 days in!

With many of us choosing to give up the booze and embark on the long slog of ‘Dry January’, Budweiser launched their first alcohol-free beer Budweiser Prohibition here in the UK, to help us stay on track (and on the wagon!)

As part of the campaign to promote Budweiser Prohibition and encourage Britons to drink in moderation we were tasked with finding a health conscious, media friendly celebrity to take part in a Prohibition themed photoshoot in London – think a fleet of lorries and milk floats – to drive news around Budweiser deliveries across the country.

With the release of her new fitness app who better to work with than Love Island’s Gabby Allen. She took part in an outside photoshoot, despite the wet, miserable British weather, posted on social media and secured coverage with The Sun.


15 January 2018