Avengers Infinity War Charity Photoshoot

24 April 2018



Our work with Disney continued as we leveraged the huge excitement around the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to work with and support a UK charity and their real-life heroes.

Disney partnered with the wonderful children’s charity Together For Short Lives, the UK charity for children’s palliative care, who support and empower families caring for seriously ill children.

THE IDEA: The Avengers all have their own unique heroic qualities and distinct identities. We wanted to celebrate these different identities and unite them together to raise awareness and money through a t-shirt campaign. Each t-shirt featured a standout quote submitted by an Influencer that speaks to a particular world-saving quality.

Collectively, the t-shirts became the Global Avenger collection, with messages set to inspire and empower real-life heroes around the world to be fearless, to believe in themselves, and always to support each other through strength in unity.

THE OUTCOME: We asked known Marvel fans to be part of this cause, to create their own heroic t-shirt slogan. With over 16 million followers across the Avengers social pages and a global, engaged audience, the campaign had huge visibility.

The t-shirts were sold on eBay and were extremely quick to sell out, meaning a second batch was launched!

Big thanks to Tallia Storm, Edith Bowman, Matt Johnson, Damien O’Brien and Arielle Free for their designs & also to Chris Eubank Jnr, Ortis Deley, Kat Shoob and Kyle Walker for their social support.